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RES in the community

Wryde Croft Wind Farm wants to be a good neighbour throughout its lifetime. Here are some examples of how the project is helping local people.

Power to the people

When Thorney Rugby Club's electricity generator was stolen, it was faced with a difficult choice. Replace the generator and risk another break-in, or find the £42,000 necessary to connect the clubhouse to mains electricity. Local businesses, including Wryde Croft Wind Farm, rallied to the cause and the Rugby Club was connected to the electricity network in September 2015. The permanent electricity supply will make life easier for everyone who uses the club and its facilities, including mid-week training sessions and the popular camp-outs that are held for the juniors and the minis at weekends.

Musical wind turbines

Wryde Croft Wind Farm became a headline sponsor for the annual Thorney Music Festival in 2015. As well as a donation of £1,500 to help cover costs and support the Festival's chosen charities, we also provided free rain capes - which proved to be a very good move! However no amount of bad weather could dampen the crowd's generosity and the event raised more than £3,500.

Warming up

St Matthew's Trinity Church in Thorney was left without heat when its boiler broke down in early 2013. A contribution from Wryde Croft Wind Farm, made in memory of one of our landowners, helped to get the heating system back up and running again.